Personalised gifts for 1 year olds that feel extra special

Teddy bear and case - personalised gifts for 1 year olds that feel extra special
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If you’re on the hunt for personalised gifts for 1 year olds (your own or someone else’s!) you might be wondering what will make the perfect gift and blow them away.

The baby will probably be happy enough with the packaging or a cuddle, but you’re keen to get something special for the parents to keep too!

And why only for one year old’s plus? Because parents sometimes change their name after a few months!

These are personalised gifts for 1 year olds, that mum will probably gush over more than the baby! You might have to refrain from keeping some of these cute things for yourself, even if you don’t have a little one.

It’s lovely to be able to buy a meaningful gift that can be stored in a keepsake box when the baby outgrows it. For super special gifts for a super special baby, here is a full list of personalised gifts for 1 year olds…

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1. Personalised toys

Personalisation works really well on all the classic baby toys a one year old will be excited to play with. You may not have even thought about personalised named toys but lots of places offer it.

The wooden toy favourites like stackers, puzzles and train sets all work perfectly with the little one’s name engraved. My 1st Years also have a beautiful range of wooden toys in the most gorgeous colours.

Etsy have a huge selection of personalised gifts for 1 year olds including things you couldn’t imagine so do have a dig around. Wooden name puzzles are perfect for a one year old and will take a lot of wear and tear.

2. Snuggly dressing gown/robe

I love these personalised dressing gowns for babies! They are super snuggly and look so cute with the bear ears. The little one will love them too.

I’ve now brought my toddler another larger one since she outgrew her baby robe and will probably keep buying them until she begs me not to. I love the huge range of robes at My 1st Years.

Mamas & Papas also do a selection of dressing gowns to personalise, including a festive Reindeer one! I just really wish there were adult versions…

3. Personalised story book

Personalised books are so special! and will perk up the bedroom routine. And this is definitely a gift that will become even more special with time, when they recognise their own name and keep reading them for years ahead.

Etsy has a gorgeous personalised nursery rhyme book that not only has the child’s name on the cover but incorporated into the nursery rhymes!

And if you’re looking for book gifts for parents, check out must-read new mum books and the best books for toddler parenting. Mums and dads will be grateful for these thoughtful gifts too!

4. Personalised onesies/bodysuits and t-shirts

There are so many options to personalise clothing but baby bodysuits or onesies are always at the top of the list and Etsy has a great selection. Even at one year old, many little ones still wear all-in-ones to keep nappies nicely in place.

If you’re an auntie and want your name on the onesie, check out this funny one from Etsy.

You could also buy super cute little t-shirts with their names on. And it doesn’t have to be their name, it could be a phrase or their age.

5. Beautiful baby blanket

Parents are known to keep their baby’s super soft baby blankets forever! They are so comforting to stroke and cover up with. Wash with care and they will last a very long time.

I stuck with baby sleeping bags at the early stages and started to use baby blankets later on. My daughter now puts her cuddly toys and dolls to bed with her favourite blanket.

Mamas & Papas personalise their beautifully soft chenille blankets and they come in blue, pink or neutral grey. It would make a wonderful gift at any time of the year.

6. Personalised teething ring

Both baby and mum will be grateful for this one! It’s lovely to make something special out of a functional necessity! This Etsy seller has a selection of animal shapes and colours to cover all tastes!

Amazon also has masses of choice where you’ll find every colour and style such as these teething rings with rattles which are also made from safe materials for your little one.

7. Teddy bear or cuddly toy

This is another item the parents might be more likely to gush over if the baby isn’t yet into cuddly toys. Etsy has a wide selection of super soft teddy bears, bunny rabbits, and more that you can have names embroidered on.

There is also the option of a comforter which is the combo of a little cuddly toy and blanket and something the baby may like to drag around for a long time to come! Many parents like to buy two so they can have one in the wash without upsetting the baby.

Check out the extensive range of soft toys you can personalise at My 1st Years too.

Your complete list of personalised gifts for 1 year olds

The above should give you plenty of options when seeking personalised gifts for 1 year olds. These are really special gifts for a one year old that can work for birthdays, first visits, Christmas and more!

Whether you are buying these for your own baby or your friend’s or family’s little one, they will be delighted to see you have gone to the trouble of having their name engraved on the gift.

Personalised gifts are beautiful keepsakes that the family will look back on lovingly for many years to come, so make their day with these memorable items.

My introduction to personalised gifts for my baby was when a friend gifted my newborn a dressing gown from My 1st Years. Items arrive in beautiful large boxes which now serve as memory boxes for my daughter. My 1st Years personalise everything on their site!

I have purchased personalised items from each on the list above and love them all. Have you any favourites or which will you be buying this year?

If you’re also buying gifts for the mums in your life, be sure to read the best gifts for working from home mums and don’t miss gifts for new mums that aren’t for the baby!

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Personalised gifts for 1 year olds


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