5 Gifts for New Mums that aren’t for the baby

gifts for new mums that aren't for the baby

When you become a new mum, friends and family tend to show up with lots of cute bits for the baby. But what about the new mum? New mama is exhausted and needs some major fussing over too!

If your friend, family member or colleague has just had a baby, you’re about to hear what they really need now. Please read on for my list of gifts for new mums that aren’t for the baby!

The new mum will have plenty of baby grows and baby socks to last for months. This is the time to focus on her when many won’t be. She will appreciate it and it will make her feel great during a crazy time of change and overwhelm.

If you’re watching your budget, I’ll also give some alternatives too. There are other ways you can still make a new mum feel special on a lower budget. Alternative gifts for someone who just had a baby are within your reach.

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1. Yummy food

This might not seem like a typical present for a new mum but believe me, she will be super grateful. Eating becomes a necessary but challenging activity with a new baby. She’ll be wolfing down whatever is easy and available when she has a chance.

I was literally spoon-fed while breastfeeding my baby as my daughter would do mammoth cluster feeds for hours. I would be stuck to the sofa or bed with her non-stop. Take a new mum some good food ASAP!

You could visit and bring her favourite takeaway. Or order some food to be delivered to her place when she’s telling you about a particularly horrendous day.

If you’re a good (or acceptable!) cook, then a low cost option would be to take her some of your home cooked meals. Take a few portions along in Tupperware for the fridge or freezer to keep her going for a bit.

This is essential if you know her partner isn’t the greatest in the kitchen or she’s often alone with the baby. She might be living off toast and cereal.

A new mum needs healthy and nutritional food to regain strength and energy, particularly in those early days and definitely if she’s breastfeeding round the clock. This is a brilliant gift for a new mum that isn’t for the baby (well except for passing on the good nutrients if breastfeeding).

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Gifts for new mums that aren't for the baby

2. Comfy clothes

Your new mum friend (or family member) will want to be in cosy and comfy clothes for the immediate future. So treat her to something she’ll appreciate.

It might be some comfy joggers or a loose dress for her walks. Or new pyjamas or a soft dressing gown for at home. I was always in joggers or leggings in and out of the home!

Never before has she needed comfy clothes so badly! She will be spending a lot of time on the sofa with the little one, so you may as well help her feel good about it. Buying loose clothes also means you won’t have to worry about sizing either.

Think about lovely soft fabrics that mum will enjoy like a cosy hug. You’ll probably want to keep it for yourself. You could also keep it easy with a pashmina or scarf which she can cover up with and keep handy at all times.

Gifts for new mums that aren't for the baby

3. Jewellery

It’s a lovely time to mark this special milestone, so a unique piece of jewellery could really make her feel spoilt. You could go for a piece you know she’ll like based on what you usually see her wearing or go for something a bit different and unique.

If you want something personalised, you could choose something that represents her birth stone, horoscope or her initials. You could get a piece engraved with her baby’s birthdate or other meaningful message or date. Something personal that she can keep forever would make a wonderful gift.

4. Books

It might be hard to find time to read a book as a new mama. However, she could play an audiobook while she walks or naps her new baby. Or she can read a proper book while the baby sleeps if she has the energy.

Get her the latest bestseller or something easy to follow. She may not want anything too heavy or emotional if she’s finding it hard to concentrate or simply exhausted.

She may like a helpful book with plenty of tips on her new role. See my post on essential books for new mums for ideas. You could also get her a Kindle, gift voucher or audible subscription.

Audiobooks are great after having a baby, especially if you’re doing a mega long walk to nap the baby and get some exercise in. Try a trial for 30 days and see how you like it. Even years later I use mine when I head out for walks.

5. Beauty products

As a new mum, she won’t have time much time to relax for ages in the bath. She would likely use that time to sleep or feed herself! But you can still bring along some goodies to make her feel good, when she has the chance.

You could go for her usual favourite products or a specific pamper kit for new mums. You could also put together your own little kit of products from somewhere such as The Body Shop or buy one of their gift bags of goodies. If you making up your own gift bag, present it nicely in a basket for a personal touch.

Pick more natural products that are low on scent as she will have that little baby attached to her most of the time. Although this is about gifts for new mums that aren’t for the baby, we still have to think about their delicate baby skin.

Final thoughts – gifts for new mums that aren’t for the baby…

Those are my top suggestions of gifts for new mums that aren’t for the baby. So treat that new mum to something that is just for her to enjoy! She will feel so special to be thought of this way.

It will brighten up those very tough early days and weeks for her! What top gifts for new mums that aren’t for the baby have you given?

For more tips and hacks in this department, visit the parenting section for more and do read ways to help a new mum in those early days.

If you’re a mama-to-be reading this, send the link to your friends and family. And if you want to create your own baby list then start one on Amazon, they have everything you’ll ever need! Also read main newborn essentials to cross-check in case there’s something you missed that could be making your life easier.

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Gifts for new mums that aren't for the baby


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