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The Curious Dig is a working-from-home mum blog for women seeking balance, while trying to juggle it all. It’s a cosy place for you to dig around and find helpful information, to make life a little easier and overcome all the faff and conflicting priorities.

The Curious Dig is for busy women interested in self-development and in need of relatable, easy-to-read content. This is a place to find tips and tricks on efficient and effective ways of getting things done, especially if you’re on limited time and perhaps living in limited space.

So if you’re a work-from-home mum that wants solutions to problems and to feel less alone, explore the site to read posts on working from home, parenting and lifestyle hacks.

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About me

I’ve worked from home a couple of days a weeks for years. But after the pandemic that became a full-time thing and felt very different, especially as I had also become a new mum.

Suddenly I was thrown into a completely new way of working and conflicting priorities as my tiny flat became my office and I also juggled mum life within cramped conditions.

It became clear that I had to adapt and strategize fast to make this work and keep my head. I love working from home, but I have friends and colleagues that find it really challenging. We are sort of left to get on with it, but I’m keen to share experiences and find better, and healthier ways of working.

I’m always studying something and have qualifications in Counselling, Project Management and Teaching Yoga as well as Degrees in International Development and Communications. My qualifications and professional experience have been very useful when researching and writing posts and I will continue to keep learning and building on my self-development.

Before I start my work from home day, like most working mums, I relish my coffee morning ritual where I take a few moments to enjoy some calm headspace before it all gets going. When my little one gets home I love some snuggly time with her on the sofa. And after she goes to sleep, it’s time for blogging and then some quality cashmere TV…

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