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The 10 best gifts for working from home mums

Best gifts for working from home mums
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If you are looking for the best gifts for working from home mums, you’re in the right place. Buying presents can be stressful, but if you focus on what that person really needs and will appreciate, you can’t go wrong.

These are some lovely presents for mums that work from home. Anyone that works from home will benefit from these treats, so if that’s you, share this with your friends and family too!

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1. Noise cancelling headphones

I’m always talking about good headphones because I use mine endlessly, both at work and out and about on my walks. I have the little ones that hook over the ears for running around, but I also have over the ear headphones when I’m working and want to be left alone to focus.

If you know a working from home mum that has to battle against noisy children or partners when they are trying to concentrate, this will be a much appreciated gift for the mum that works from home.

2. A desk lamp

This might not seem like an obvious choice but home lighting is crucial when you work from home. Whether it’s for those dark mornings or evenings, or just so they aren’t squinting away at their screen.

There are some really pretty desk lights that will be a lovely addition to their desk or home office. You could even get your friend or family member a personalised desk lamp in their name for a special gift to make their day. Or you’ll get yourself one of these!

3. Coffee machine

Most of us home workers love the ritual of our coffee in the morning. In the office, you may not have fancied dragging a whole coffee machine in! But at home, you deserve a treat.

This is one of the best gifts for working from home mums. They may have felt it was too extravagant to buy themselves. If you’re able to blow them away with this amazing gift, they will love you forever.

Coffee machines used to be very expensive but now come in a wide range for most budgets. A favourite is Tassimo by Bosch which I was introduced to by a friend.

4. Stationery

Even though everything is digital these days, many who work from home still love pen and paper. So why not buy the mum that works from home, some beautiful (or functional!) stationery? You could gift them a personalised stationery kit from Etsy.

This gift works for all budgets as you could do something DIY and make up a kit yourself of all the essentials: post-its, nice pens and pencils, notepads and other things you know they need for their desk.

5. Pin or bulletin board

When you work from home you may not have a clear way of displaying all your ideas, plans and so on. Why not buy your mum friend a pin board so they can better visualise their tasks and accomplishments?

You can gift them alternative pin boards too. It doesn’t have to be a standard one. Make one yourself for your friend in a style, colour and material they would like. Or get something in a different shape or layout such as this hexagon one.

6. Comfy but non-slobby outfits

If you know their rough size, then clothes are great gifts for working from home mums that may not have the time or inclination to update their wardrobe. Just because you are always at home, it doesn’t mean you don’t want to look nice.

Jumpsuits (or overalls/dungarees) are comfy and stylish plus you have the extra time they need for loo trips while in the comfort of your own home! You can do the school or nursery run, looking cute and casual.

Or you could get her a cosy jumper or fun, print leggings to brighten up her working day.

7. Crockpot or slow cooker

I wouldn’t normally recommend a crockpot or slow cooker or any cooking device as a gift but hear me out. When I used to work in an office, I wouldn’t have left a slow cooker on while out and never felt I was around long enough by day to use one.

But now, if you work from home then it’s easy to have a slow cooker simmering away in the background. And it means you can chuck stuff in it, leave for hours and then have a lovely dinner ready when work is over? I’m all about minimal effort when it comes to cooking.

There’s so many varieties at a range of budgets so take a look. The Crockpot below is very reasonably priced.

8. Supportive chair cushion

This is another crucial item I’m always talking about: supportive chairs while working to protect your back, as can be read about in key essentials for home office setup.

I can’t tell you how much pain I was in before I got myself an ergonomic chair. Before that, I was sat at my hard kitchen chair for a year while working from home! Without even a lumbar cushion at minimum.

Good supportive chairs can be quite expensive as a gift unless you’re able to splash out (although mine was quite reasonable). However, you could always get them a supportive lumbar cushion for their chair.

9. A good book

This is an easy option, but for someone that spends most of the day staring at the screen, a good old fashioned print book can’t be beaten. So don’t get them an e-book that you can’t even wrap, buy them a lovely book they can keep forever.

If they are into the latest best-sellers, it won’t be hard to please them but what about a special edition? Special edition books may be signed by the author or have exclusive content. They make the most incredible presents for a lifetime, if you know your work from home mum is a book lover.

10. A weekly planner

This is one of the best gifts for working from home mums that like to stay organised and on top of things. There are gorgeous weekly planner books in all colours and styles.

Or they may prefer the type of weekly desk planner you can tear off at the end of the week. Imagine the satisfaction of that! I love this pretty one below with 52 sheets to cover the whole year. 

Make their day with one of these gifts for working from home mums

This should give you plenty to choose from if you need to buy presents for mums that work from home. What are your favourite gifts for working from home mums, for friends or yourself!?

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The best gifts for working from home mums


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