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10 easy steps for a spring clean and declutter

spring clean and declutter

Time for a spring clean and declutter? Isn’t it always a good time for organising your home?

Most of us have never spent so much time at home as we have the last couple of years. But this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve used that opportunity to keep your home clean and clutter free! Now it’s spring, it’s time to get organised.

Clear outs can be intimidating but you feel so good when you’re done – it’s a real achievement.
You might need to spring clean for a specific reason such as moving, new baby or downsizing. Or if you are limited on space, you might need to do parts of this on a semi-regular basis to keep things manageable.

Spring always feels like the perfect time to clean, declutter and organise the home. Of course you don’t have to wait till spring! If you combine cleaning and decluttering now, there will be less to clean and dig around in future.

Here are 10 steps to make the process of a spring clean and declutter easier.

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1. Make a plan

It can feel really intimidating getting started, even in a small home. In order not to get overwhelmed, it helps to make a plan. You could tackle a room a day, or break it down even further such as wardrobe today, drawers next week.

Depending on your time, size space and whether you’ll be doing this alone or with help, draw up a plan to tackle it in chunks.

If it helps, write out a list after reading this blog, breaking it down by room and tasks involved. You can then have the satisfaction of ticking off accomplishments as you go. And you can prioritise the most urgent parts.

2. The deep clean

This is the worst bit in my opinion, so I like to get it done first. The type of cleaning involved is not as straight forward as your regular wipe downs or weekly cleans.

This is on a whole new level. I mean scrubbing the oven, washing cushion covers, cleaning blinds, washing windows, cleaning the fridge and so on. This may take the longest and definitely needs to be broken up so you don’t throw the towel in early.

As part of your initial plan, get in all the products you need beforehand so you are ready to go. I prefer to do all the cleaning tasks first then next tackle the decluttering at a later date. Alternatively you could spring clean and declutter room by room.

3. The Kitchen

I have to start here as it’s the bit I hate the most! Once you’ve done all the grim cleaning then you can actually get to the declutter stage. Fridges and ovens are mega tasks! Clean out your cupboards and cutlery drawers (why do these get so grubby?).

If you have a baby or pet (but not a prerequisite if you don’t have any of those!) it’s best to keep cleaning products more eco friendly which may involve more elbow grease. Read more about eco products and their benefits.

In terms of decluttering, chuck any broken glasses and crockery and consider if you really need all that old tupperware slung at the bottom of the drawers.

Throw away out of date food. Try to keep on top of that in future as it’s so wasteful. If you have food and bits in date you know you won’t use, take it to a food bank or a collection point at your local supermarket.

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Spring clean and declutter

4. The lounge

Phew, this is easier and a bit of a break, mainly as my small lounge is quite minimalist. Yours may be another big job! Go over your bookshelves, dusting and taking away any books you don’t want. Take them to the charity shop or sell online.

I always find I have the strangest things tucked away on bookshelves or in the cabinets that are definitely no longer serving me. If you have odd mementos of holidays you’re not even keen on anymore, get rid of them.

5. The bathroom

This one should also be straightforward or is that just me again having a tiny bathroom with little storage? Hopefully your bathroom gets cleaned on a semi regular basis so doesn’t need as much as a deep clean as other rooms.

This one is more about clearing out and tidying up:

  • Go through your beauty and hair products. Is there anything you’ve had for ages you don’t actually use or can’t stand the smell of? Time to dump and create some space.
  • If your first aid kit and medications are here, bin anything out of date and make sure everything is easy to reach.
  • Clean your hairbrushes, make up brushes and sponges and chuck out any old make up.

6. The bedroom/s

Apparently, we only use about 10/15% of our wardrobes. That sounded ridiculous at first but then I remembered how I do just live in the same jeans, tops and dresses so it’s clearly possible.

Have a good dig around and ask yourself, have I worn this in the last year? 2 years? There’s your answer on whether you need to keep it.

And what about the items that don’t fit, but you dream will again one day? What deadline will you put on that? If it’s already been years, it might be time to get real.

I’m a bit fan of clearing out clothes quite regularly and taking them to the charity shop or selling to make a little money. Have a look at cost cutting tips at home for more.

And when you do buy something new, apply the one in, one out rule so things don’t get out of control again. Well worn bits (laddered tights, baggy leggings, socks with holes etc.) need to be thrown away.

If you are also sorting out children’s rooms it could be more difficult due to the sentimental value of all the cute clothes, blankets and toys which trigger lovely memories. You can keep favourite cute items but you may have captured a lot on camera already (see personalised gifts for little ones for the best keep-sakes).

Consider passing on clothes and toys to friends with younger children/babies as this means you may get to see them a bit longer! Also, do pass on items to a baby bank or charity shop to help those that might really need them.

declutter and spring clean

7. Paperwork and finances

If you prefer printed copies of things, you shouldn’t need bills or statements for more than 6 months. Carefully protect any special documentation such as birth and marriage certificates.

Consider what you can photograph and keep digital versions of. File away other items as needed.

Any spring clean should also consider a good look at your finances. Cancel any direct debits for items you don’t need or use, such as memberships and subscription services. Close down accounts you don’t use to improve your credit score.

8. Outdoor space

I’ve only got a little patio so not much to do outside but it’s a great time for de-weeding, cleaning out pots and polishing gardening tools.

If you’ve got a garden, you’ll have a bigger task ahead of you which could take some time. Clean up your garden furniture so it’s ready when you can sit outside and enjoy the sun.

Even if you’ve only got a windowsill, give it a brush down and wipe down any pots and window boxes. Clean the windows to let in more light. Every corner of your home and outdoor area will benefit from a spring clean and declutter!

9. All in order after your spring clean and declutter

You are now close to the finish line. After a big spring clean and declutter, you might want to look at reorganising your space for maximum effect.

This might be a case of rearranging your furniture or you maybe a more structured feng shui approach. I love Marie Kondo and her approach to tidying and decluttering but I’ve no time to roll my socks like sushi rolls!

I do like to remind myself if I even like some of the things I hang onto for way too long though. Take what works for you and apply as needed!

10. Enjoy your hard work, but don’t drop the ball

Whether you live in a shared home or have your own space, this will be a mammoth task that could take some time depending on the original state.

When you get you finally get your space clean, tidy and shipshape, sit back and enjoy it! Try to not let things build up again as it’s such a big job to redo.

You don’t have to wait for next spring to retackle things if needed. Some tasks are definitely hard to face more than once a year but other bits need to be done a bit more regularly.

Keeping organised and clutter free is so good for your head space. And think of how much easier it will be to find things and clean around, if you aren’t navigating loads of stuff in the way!

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Spring clean and declutter

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