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Setting new goals in Spring

setting new goals in spring

Setting new goals in Spring is a favourite project of mine. It’s the perfect time for new beginnings. January is traditionally seen as the time to set new resolutions. However, it’s not a great month for inspiration and most of us have given up within weeks or days! Spring is a beautiful time of the year when you can see everything changing and flowers popping up. The light mornings and evenings make me feel so much more positive and ready to make my own changes. It’s time to start setting new goals in Spring!

Some things are just easier to get going in Spring too, like an exercise routine or eating healthier. That ease continues into summer, by which time the habit will cement and you’ll really feel a sense of achievement. Of course, you can and should set goals at any time of the year, but why not start now?

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Exercise – set a new fitness goal

Did anyone else start a new regime in January but by February was already back to old habits? Don’t punish yourself for it. January always sees a spike in gym sign-ups and then a drop within a couple of months. And it’s understandable. It’s dark and damp and you’d rather be cosy at home than dragging yourself to a gym or for a run outside.

However, I feel reinvigorated in Spring and suddenly feel up for a run around the park. When the sun is out and the flowers look so gorgeous, make the most of exercising outside. If you’d like to start running or take it up again after a break, read more on the “start running” post. But if running isn’t your thing, a walk at a good pace will also work well. I love to listen to a podcast or audiobook on a long walk.

When you are setting new exercise goals, make them manageable. Start small, steady and slow. No need to set yourself a massive goal that seems unattainable. Find something you actually like doing, so you’ll stick at it. If it’s not running or walking, consider dancing, swimming, yoga or anything else that gets your body moving. See if a friend wants to join you, so you can hold each other accountable! Read more about working out at home.

Eating better

I’m not one for silly diets that can’t be sustained, but I start craving different foods as the weather brightens up. The heavier, warming foods of winter go on hold as I start to feel more like salads and healthy sandwiches. If you also fancy eating healthier foods, then this is the time to explore yummy fruit and vegetables fresh in season.

If you’re not a fan of fad diets either, consider other ways to set healthy eating goals. You might want to start cutting out sugar or eating fewer carbs and more protein to keep you full longer. Rethink your shopping list if you always buy the same foods. Be brave in trying new foods at least once. Set a goal such as making more food from scratch so you know what’s going in it. Treat yourself to a new cookbook with simple recipes such as by Joe Wicks. You will have more energy if you make healthier food and it will complement an exercise goal too.

Work and career goal setting

Many of us reconsider our jobs in the new year and whether we need a change. If you’ve still done nothing about it but want to, this is a great time to set new goals for your work and career. Perhaps you want to learn a new skill or trial working with another department to build up your experience. Read more about making positive changes at work. The goals you set could be big or small depending on how you feel right now about your occupation and what you feel you could realistically manage.

If you have an appraisal or goal setting system at work, speak up to incorporate things you want to learn. Often at work, we are pushed to repeat the same old things every year that serve our department or company. See if you can push back to include things that personally interest you. This could improve your ability at work and support your future career aspirations. You might volunteer to lead a training or request for your work to pay for a course that will make you better at your job.

setting new goals in spring

Take up something new

This could be an opportunity to try something you’ve always meant to like a dance or singing class. Or set yourself a challenge such as reading a book a month. Some people fly through a book a week but I just don’t have the time for that, and find one a month just manageable. If you think you’ll struggle even with that, consider audiobooks so you can listen while you are out on a walk or doing chores. Setting new goals (in Spring or whenever) shouldn’t feel burdensome!

Perhaps you want to sign up for a course, either online or in person to learn something you’ve always been curious about. It may be to develop your career or just for fun. We are never too old to keep learning new skills or take up hobbies. Dig around online or at your local adult learning college for inspiration. Many educational institutions have a wide variety of classes such as learning an instrument or hobby craft, acting or singing, graphic design, photography, local history and so much more.

Declutter and spring clean

The goal here is a commitment to clearing out what you don’t need anymore and creating space. Decluttering and spring cleaning can take all manner of forms. It might be sorting out your finances, cancelling subscriptions, clearing debt or cutting costs at home. It could be about having a real clear out of things you don’t use or wear anymore which is making your home cluttered and untidy. Read much more on decluttering and spring cleaning to tackle the challenge with confidence.

There are so many other things that decluttering and organising can be applied to. Perhaps you’ve been meaning to organise and store all your photographs in an orderly fashion. Or sort through all your paperwork. These tasks may need to be broken down so you can tackle them in stages and not feel overwhelmed. Set small goals each week or month so you can feel good and make steady progress.

Setting new goals in Spring and beyond…

The above ideas should get you going on goals that make you feel good about yourself. New year’s resolutions tend to be along the lines of giving something up which already makes you feel guilty. The aim here is to make a fresh start in line with the season of change and positive vibes.

If you are excited by goal setting and want to stick to them, you need to make it a regular practice. Reassess if the goals are still working for you or if they need modifying. If you need motivation or want to keep your goals in a safe place, consider treating yourself to a lovely goal setting journal or planner to track progress. You could also create a mood board to capture your goals or pin a list where you’ll see it everyday. Enjoy setting new goals in spring and onwards!

I love lists and goals but not such a fan of bucket lists and the pressure that comes with them. Read my guest post on The Grumpy Olive about reasons not to have a bucket list! The post also made the favourite blog round up on The Yorkshire Dreamer, read the review.


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