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Easy gift ideas for everyone on your list

Wrapped gift boxes - gift ideas for everyone on your list
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If time is running out and you still need to buy gifts for all your loved ones, here is the ultimate round up of Christmas gift ideas for everyone on your list.

We can often feel overwhelmed about all the presents we need to buy, but it’s OK to streamline your list and stick with the key people in your life. It’s always better if you can get your shopping done in good time, but then things happen or you could be waiting for payday.

Don’t stress, don’t overthink it and don’t blow your budget. Keep it simple and your loved ones will be delighted with their pressies. Here are the ultimate gift ideas for everyone on your list.

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For the kids

For the little ones

Babies and toddlers are the easiest to please. They’d be happy with the box or wrap! But if you want to gift them something extra special, you have so many options.

You can’t beat something lovely to cuddle such as a classic bunny from the super soft Jellycat brand. It may be a struggle to pass this on!

Other dependable buys are traditional wooden and sensory toys such as those found at Kidly. Or you could get an educational toy such as an interactive book when you want to introduce first words.

And my all-time favourite is personalised goodies such as dressing gowns/robes, clothes or toys. Check out My 1st Years as they personalise everything – it’s their thing and how I came to become obsessed with personalised baby items. The boxes they arrive in are gorgeous too and serve as keepsake boxes.

Read the full post for more personalised gifts for 1 year olds.

For an older child

As they get older they get more into clothes but aren’t demanding the brand names or specific styles just yet, so make the most of it and get them something lovely to wear, especially if they are in school uniform all week.

And you can’t go wrong with children’s books. Perhaps a classic from when you were a child or a new bestseller for kids.

For a teen

This is slightly more tricky territory now but no need to be intimidated. They might even just tell you directly what they want, within reason. In fact, they could have been telling you for months in which case skip this section!

However, if you’re still not sure, it could be a good time to introduce them to a musical instrument or a hobby such as astrology. There are great telescope and accessory kits to get started.

For your close friend

You’ll want to get something special for your closest friend, and personalised gifts are also perfect for us adults. Check out Etsy for the cutest items she’ll love.

Or maybe you know they’ll love a gift set of products to pamper themselves with. You could buy a bag or pouch and then fill in with their favourites such as from The Body Shop.

If they are a new mum they might like a new bag, comfy shoes or a good book for new mums. Read the posts new mum books and what to buy a new mum for more ideas.

For your partner

If you’ve been together a long time you may just want to ask them what they want, as you’ve probably covered most things over the years! Otherwise stick with some firm favourites…

If they like their gadgets, consider a mini but powerful bluetooth speaker or some hook over wireless headphones for heading out with or chilling at home.

Or if they’re more of the cosy type, then go for some nice clothing or shoes from a dependable brand like M&S or the alternative favourite local to you.

If you know they’d prefer to choose themselves, then you can get them a gift voucher. Admittedly, it’s not very fun to open on the day but may save exchanges or grief later.

You could support local shops and markets in your area for more bespoke items like wallets, jewellery, homemade goodies and other items. You can also support small business owners on Etsy.

Bags, books and favourite scents are also a good call. If you’re buying for a work from home mum then check out the best gifts for working from home mums.

For your parents or grandparents

For her

You know your mum well enough by now to know exactly what she loves to receive, so don’t rock the boat! Start listening out for clues early.

If you’ve given her everything you can think of so far, keep it simple and classic such as a cosy thick jumper, spa voucher or a pretty silk scarf.

For him

Is there a book on a favourite hobby that he’d like? Or a tool or gadget he needs?

Ask the person closest to him for clues and if you’re still struggling, torches and shaving tools always seem to be a winner!

For your neighbour

It’s best to keep it simple and neutral for a neighbour, unless you know them really well. If they’ve been taking care of your parcels and plants over the years and vice versa, you might know them a little bit.

A houseplant is a lovely gift if you know they’re green-fingered. Or a box of luxury biscuits/cookies, a fancy candle, or yummy chocolates are all good gift ideas for everyone when you’re not sure what to get.

For your child-carer

Hopefully, you know a thing or two about what they may like, but again, you want to play it a bit safe and not overstep. Have they complimented you on something you have or like in the home?

Otherwise the ideas for a neighbour above could work well such as yummy things to eat or perhaps a lovely pampering kit.

And, for you…

Jewellery (or jewelry!) has to be the best gift we can get ourselves. It is such a personal item and very difficult to get right for others. Treat yourself to something special that will make you feel good every time you wear it.

For more ideas on amazing presents to buy yourself, read the full list. Don’t forget yourself when you are running through gift ideas for everyone else.

Final thoughts – list of gift ideas for everyone on your list

This list should cover off some easy gift ideas for everyone on your list, not forgetting you! It’s easy to forget ourselves while we are taking care of others.

Hopefully, you and your loved ones don’t put too much pressure on each other with gift-giving, but it’s always nice to get someone something they will appreciate and enjoy.

If you’re trying to cuts costs this year, remember you can make your own thoughtful presents. Perhaps you are a wonderful baker of cakes or cookies, or can make a beautiful hand-made card.

Or you might have a system whereby you write up some home-made vouchers such as ‘one car wash’, ‘one home-made dinner’ or ‘one night of baby-sitting’. There are plenty of creative ways to give gifts, especially if you know a new mum in need, read how to really help a new mum out.

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Easy ultimate list of gift ideas for everyone you need to buy for.


  • Lauren

    Christmas shopping can become stressful if you are struggling for ideas for people so finding inspiration from gift guides can be really helpful. These all look like great gifts. Thank you for sharing your suggestions.


  • Stephanie

    Just what I was looking for! A comprehensive list of gift ideas for the people in my life. I know my nephew would love the telescope!

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