Fun and cheap toddler trips out (that you’ll like too)

Sick of the playground and other chaotic toddler environments? Are you looking for fun and cheap toddler trips out that will take an hour or two and break up your day? Like many of you, I hadn’t realised just how much time I’d have to spend in the playground and it gets boring fast! (for us, not them!). I’m also just not very ambitious about tackling too much with an unpredictable toddler. I prefer to keep our little outings easy and enjoyable for me too!

fun cheap toddler trips out
Seek out child friendly museums

Some of the suggestions below are things I didn’t actually think my two year old would be ready for yet. I thought she’d have to be a little older, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. New environments, distraction and people watching seem to be enough for her right now. I’m making the most of this, until she can actually verbally demand activities she wants to do! Here are some fun and cheap toddler trips out…

Museums or art galleries make lovely trips out

In the UK many museums and galleries are completely free. If they aren’t where you are, research the cheapest options near you. And some may have memberships that work out worthwhile if you find a place you’ll likely return to again and again.

Your toddler might not be old enough to appreciate these venues as intended yet but still, there is often a lot of open space they can wander around. Just being in a large, fancy building with lots of different things to look at is very entertaining for children, even if they don’t understand it all. And you have the chance to enjoy some culture yourself! Just watch closely to ensure they don’t touch anything they shouldn’t.

Many museums and galleries have a toddler friendly area which is a bonus. Check the schedule beforehand in case they have scheduled activities for children. And most museums and galleries have a little cafe to enjoy at the end…which leads me to…

Cafes and child friendly restaurants

I am guilty of bypassing the playground on occasion and heading straight for a coffee with my toddler. I have her snacks and drinks all ready in the pram. However, your little one might even be ready for a babycino, which will make them feel all grown up. My daughter seems quite happy sitting on a comfy sofa with me and people watching or doing some doodling, if I bring the right tools. It’s a nice way to kill a bit of time!

Take a look at child friendly restaurant options too, as I’ve found a couple of places that offer super cheap kid’s breakfasts as low as £1! I buy myself a coffee and it’s a cheap trip out. If my fussy girl actually eats something, that’s an extra bonus. Many of these family friendly restaurants (often chains) are fully prepared with activity bits (colouring or toys) for your little one, high chairs and lots of patience.

Visit a local farm for a fun, cheap trips out for toddlers

Have a dig around to find a local farm in your area. In London, there are so many city farms to visit and they tend to be donation only, so it’s a fun, cheap toddlers’ trip out. Children love to see all the animals from their books in real life and hear the noises they make. I find it a really easy win and enjoy seeing the ducks, pigs and lambs myself!

This one works well if you have children of different ages too as most will love the animal watching. Check in case your local farm has a schedule of activities and feeding times for maximum entertainment.

Take a bus, train or other transport they’ve not tried yet

Another super cheap and fun trip out for toddlers could just be taking a bus or train journey. Many toddlers really enjoy different forms of transport. If you can grab a seat on an upper deck or at the front for a good view, even better. You can point out and discuss all the things you see on the way.

Depending on where you live, you could have a variety of options. In London, some buses take brilliant journeys through all the best tourist sites. The London Docklands Railway have no drivers, so sitting at the front makes children feel like they are in the driving seat. Perhaps where you are, there are trams, boats and other options that you can try with your little one.

fun cheap toddler trips out library
Free books at the library through BookTrust

Visit your local library for a completely free toddlers’ trip out

I took my daughter to the library for the first time recently and can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner! Admittedly, I’d not gone myself in years and had forgotten what a lovely, peaceful environment they are. Well, the children’s area may not be so quiet depending on busy times but we got lucky. I will be timing it well the next time too! She loved going through all the books and they had a colouring station set up too. I even managed to do a little reading myself.

Library use has plummeted in recent years with the rise of internet research and e-books, so support your local library. Check out what other activities they have on offer. Some have baby and toddler sessions such as story time. In the UK, you can get free books for your child via the charity, BookTrust which was a lovely surprise. You can’t beat this for a free fun toddler trip out and this will keep your children entertained time and time again.

Try out these fun and cheap toddler trips out soon

So there are my top fun and cheap toddler trips out when you want to keep things easy and manageable. Plus, while they are little, you may want to minimise stress when you head out for a morning or afternoon session.

I follow a strict schedule as my little one still takes a lunch nap, so we aren’t looking to do a full day out right now. Keeping things local, low key, cheap and enjoyable is priority. And let’s not forget the adults. Hope you also enjoy these simple fun and cheap toddler trips out!

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